You hereby acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to all the policies mentioned henceforth, of the website, without the acknowledgement of which you will not be capable of receiving our services. The methods used for the same and what becomes of it from our end as the policies deal with all the information collected from the users.

Data Collection Process

Data is collected from the user depending on the service obtained from our website by the user; accurate and legitimate details are required of the user for quick resolution of the issue or for swift dispersal of our services. The website will be unable to provide any service without obtaining the necessary details from the users. It is mandatory that the user mentions everything to the website’s representatives for arriving at the perfect solution for the problem including the login credentials, error reports or messages from the device. For any mishap when such essential information was held back from them in the first place, the website and its agents cannot be held responsible or liable.

Name and Contact details

Among other details from the user, the website collects the first name, last name, home number, mobile number, mailing address and email address for billing and service related queries. Through chat messages or through a call made on our toll-free number our website’s support team intends to collect such information.

Credentials and Payment data collection

Necessary payment credentials such as a valid credit or debit card number and also mandatory verification information must be rendered for assisting the website in delivering the best service.

Service Information

The device purchase information, login details, device used to install any software or printer drivers, will be required in order to proceed with providing of a service. Otherwise, then we may deny them of our service when the user fails to furnish such vital information in the first place.