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Printing your files is way too easy with HP ePrint technology!!!

HP ePrint is actually a boon for everyone out there as it lets you print the documents even if you are away from the printer. Due to the rise of technology and the internet, HP has taken the biggest leap in order to provide the best printing experience for the users and they have eventually succeeded in their endeavors. Before going through the instructions given below, ensure that you are using an HP web-enabled printers as they will only support HP ePrint

ePrint settings

Using the HP ePrint settings, you can change the print quality, print color, paper size (Letter or A4), paper size, paper orientation, one-sided printing, print in color or monochrome, choose plain or photo paper and activate 2-sided printing as well.

Document types that are compatible with HP ePrint

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Word (doc and docx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt and pptx)
  • Microsoft Excel (xls and xlsx)

Image formats compatible to print using HP ePrint

  • Bitmap (bmp)
  • Graphics interchange format (gif)
  • Joint photographic experts group (jpg and jpeg)
  • Portable network graphics (png)
  • tagged image file format (tiff)

Why We Are Different

Check out some of the document types that will not print via HP ePrint. Be cautious while sending the email to printer’s email ID as more than 10MB files (including attachments) are hazardous

Digitally signed documents

Encrypted files

Password protected documents

Open Office files

  Acquire an email address for your printer

The first and foremost step is to get the printer email address for transferring the documents and make use of the instructions given below but before that connect your printer to the internet

  Create a printer email address (Printers with touch screen or text-based screen)

The very first thing you have to do after powering up your printer is, load a stack of papers into the input tray and then install the ink cartridges as well

  Enable the web services on your printer

Printer with touch screen control panel should click on the HP ePrint button or logo available and then click Setup which will provide a set of instructions to power up the web services. Printer with text-based displayed should direct to the Web service setup -> Network Setup and finally click Wireless setting for enabling the web services without any hindrance. To verify whether the Web Services is enabled or not, just click on Print or Print Info. You will get to view the Printer email address on the control panel and sometimes, an info page prints along with email address. If the printer email address doesn’t show up, hang around for some time and then print the info page for one more time.

Android devices

You can also acquire the printer email address from the Android devices that you utilize. At first, you have to download the HP Smart app from the Play Store and install it on your device. It is also possible to install the HP Smart app from 123 hp com website if you are facing any hindrance while downloading from the Play Store. Now you can follow the steps given below enable the web services and get the printer email address as well. While performing the steps, ensure that the printer and Android device are connected on the same wireless network. Open the HP Smart app and click Plus or Printer symbol and the My Printer tab will launch onscreen. Just click Advanced Settings -> Web services and verify that it is turned on and just click Print Info Page. If the web services are not turned on, just click the Web Services menu available under the Setup option and then tag along with the onscreen prompts.

HP e-Print jobs from Apple iOS

From Apple iOS, sending a print job to an HP printer is very stress-free. Firstly, make sure that the printer you want to print from is switched on and is connected to a wireless network. Cross check if the wireless network of your printer and your Apple iOS device are the same. Choose the document, photograph, e-mail or the webpage you want to send for a print job. Now tap on the share icon. Tap on the printer tile on your Apple iOS device. Click on select printer and choose your printer. Pick your preferred printing options and hit the print button. The print job is effectively implemented.

Find the printer code

  • Printer code will be available in the Information page and you can acquire it by utilizing the Embedded Web Server (EWS)
  • At first, you need to print a Network configuration page from the printer and search for the printer IP address in the respective page you have printed
  • Launch a web browser on your desktop and furnish the IP address after which you have to click Enter
  • Just tap Continue right after the website security certificate appear on the screen.
  • Open the EWS info page to check whether the computer is connected to the same network as the printer

Enabling the Web Services

  • Tap Web Service in the Embedded Web server page and this confirm that your printer is compatible to use HP ePrint service
  • You have to tap on Continue, Turn On or Enable to enable the web services and tag along with the directives that appear onscreen
  • You will get to view a web services summary page on the screen and this implies that the Web Services is enabled previously
  • By now, the info page will print and this concludes the setup successfully
  • If your printer doesn’t print, commence from the beginning and if the email address is not in the list, hang around for some time

Check out the steps below to print using ePrint service

If you complete the above configuration, you can print your documents with the help of HP ePrint service and make use of the instructions below

Print from your desktop using HP ePrint service

Print a webpage

Launch the webpage and click Ctrl+A button on your keyboard and click Ctrl+C to copy the text. Select the text and tap Copy. Open a blank document on your desktop to paste the copied content by pressing Ctrl+V. Now store the documents in a folder which you can attach with an email and send it to the printer’s email address.

Print an email straight-away

Using ePrint service, you can actually print the email that is available in the inbox. Open your mailbox and search for the email that you need to print after which you have to click Forward option. Before clicking Send, enter the printer’s email address in “To” field.

Print documents in your computer

Initially, you need to sign in with your email on the web browser and generate a new mail. After creating, enter the recipient address which is your printer’s email address in the To field. Furnish a subject in the email or else you may have issues in sending the email and attest the file or photo that you want to print along with the mail. After completing the above steps, just click Send and check whether the document prints successfully. While attaching the document verify whether you are sending the particular file you want to print or else you might hit upon issues.

Print from your smart mobiles

Print from any of the smart mobile you use by following the directives that are available below. If you are trying to print a file or image stored in your Mobile, just open the file and click the Share icon. Just open the mail app available on your mobile. Furnish the printer mail address in “To” field and write something in the subject line before you click Send. To print an email, click Forward and follow the same procedure that is available above. Printing a web page on your mobile is very similar to the procedure that you execute while printing from a computer.

Can’t Print using HP ePrint service

Just try to restart the printer and verify whether the network connection is working or not. Make attempts to print a test page using the device and revert back to any notification that you see onscreen. Check whether the subject line of the email you are sending is not empty as the printer will not print such kind of email attachments. Remember that you can send only ten documents simultaneously. HP doesn’t recommend you to send more than ten files which are actually a threat to the printer functionality.  After entering the email address,that the email ID of the printer you enter is correct. Confirm that you furnish the email address in “To” filed, not in “CC” or “Bcc” field.

FAQ hpeprint

No, HP ePrint will function only in a HP Printer. It is an exclusive app created for HP printers for which your printer must also be compatible.
No, HP ePrint won’t function if your printer has a wired connection. The ePrint facilitates wireless connectivity with your printer and has a few requisites to be followed.
Yes, when a print job you have placed fails, you will receive a mail notifying the failure of your print joband in which case, you can rectify the printer issue and try reprinting the same document or image.
The HP Smart app helps users perform various printer functions such as print, scan and copy with simple clicks from their smartphone or tablet. However, the HP ePrint is an application that can be utilized only for print functions.
HP ePrint can print a maximum of 10MB size of images and attachments, however, you can queue up several documents to print in a sequence.


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